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We regularly prepare deeds for our clients as part of their estate and long-term health care planning. Recently, some of our clients received a “Deed Processing Notice” in the mail. The company sending the notice offered to obtain a copy of the client’s granting deed from the county recorder along with a “complete property profile.” The notice appeared official—it contained a unique document number, response deadline, and processing fee. 

The Lycoming Law Association Real Estate Committee issued a public notice warning consumers that this is a solicitation from a third-party company—not directly affiliated with the Lycoming Law Association or the county recording office— providing a service that is usually unnecessary, for an excessive fee. 

After a deed is executed and presented for recording at the courthouse, the recording process may take a few weeks. The original, recorded deed is then returned to our office. We in turn deliver the original, recorded deed to the new landowner. All recorded deeds are also publicly available at the courthouse for a nominal fee (typically $0.50 a page). Additionally, information about a property can be obtained from a tax card at the county assessment office.

If you have any concerns about correspondence you receive, please contact us at 1(800)237-4100 to schedule a meeting at our offices in Williamsport or State College.

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