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Are you getting ready to take your yearly pilgrimage to someplace warm for the winter? Have you ever thought about what would happen if you became sick or disabled while you are away? Do you have family members up here who know where your legal documents, such as Powers of Attorneys and living wills are located—or do you have copies to take along with you? Will the local hospital take your medical insurance? Does the state or country you will be visiting have different rules for healthcare POAs? We could go on and on…

Many times clients cancel appointments with us to either prepare or update their documents as they are overwhelmed with getting ready to head for warmer weather during the winter. They explain that they will get to it when they return in a few weeks or months. According to Novartis Consumer Health, 63% of travelers become sick while they are away from home. For peace of mind while traveling, it is best to make sure your legal plans are up to date and that you have an “in case of emergency” back up plan in place in case you become sick while you are away from home. Call us at 1(800)351-8334 to schedule a meeting at our Williamsport or State College office. Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak will help you organize your affairs so that you can "pack your bags" with a peaceful mind.

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