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What makes an attorney a litigator? And what makes one litigator great? An attorney who is a litigator, is an attorney who loves the courtroom. An attorney who sees client issues, negotiations, and conflict resolution as the most interesting part of each day, and an attorney who is not intimidated but instead is challenged by the particulars of each and every case.

And, what makes one litigator great? One litigator’s name is Kathleen Yurchak, Esquire. Kathleen listens to the details of your story with a discerning ear, drawing on personal experience as a skilled trial lawyer, and displaying pure tenacity as a professional. She understands how to evaluate the true merit of your story, she can help you build your case and assert your right to trial. She will also advise you when a negotiated settlement is in your best interest. As a litigator, Kathleen is able to represent you in your claim of damage as a tough trial lawyer.  But you can trust that she will work for you and with you in a compassionate and thoughtful manner as you work together to seek a favorable resolution of your case.

If you need a litigator who will represent you, please call Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak at 1(800)351-8334 to schedule your initial consultation. Attorney Kathleen Yurchak is available to meet with you from her office located in State College.

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