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Episode 8 of the Second Half of Life Podcast is now available. In this episode, titled "How Your Business or Family Can Benefit in a Low-Interest Rate Environment," Attorneys Julie Steinbacher and Landon Hodges, and Jason Nickerson, CFP®, from John G. Ullman & Associates, discuss Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs), an estate-planning tool that can be used for taking advantage of low interest rates. It can be utilized for either business owners or individuals/families. Among the topics discussed are how to utilize and structure a GRAT for unique life events, how to optimize a GRAT after one maxes out their federal estate and gift tax exemptions, how family business owners can benefit from a GRAT as part of their succession plan, and how to strategically set GRAT terms for appreciating assets. William Post of John G. Ullman & Associates moderates the discussion. 

This episode is an audio recording of a virtual seminar originally presented on June 9, 2020. This and other episodes of the Second Half of Life podcast can be accessed on the Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak website, as well as on several podcast directories. The podcast is also available on most podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastsSpotifyTuneIn + Alexa, iHeartRadioStitcherPodcast AddictGoogle PodcastsPodchaserDeezerListen NotesBullhornOvercastPocket CastsCastro and Castbox.

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