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If you're at or near retirement, or even if you still have a few handfuls of years to go, and you've built up even just a modest nest egg in preparation for your golden years, this is a podcast episode you'll want to listen to. Perhaps you've completed basic estate planning documents like a Will and Power of Attorney (and if you haven't, we can help you with that!). But do you also have, or have you considered a trust to protect your assets against things like creditors after you pass or the cost of long-term care while you're alive? Statistically speaking, one in five people will need long-term care in their lifetime, the cost of which isn't cheap (nearly $11K per month in PA in 2020). In the Second Half of Life podcast episode 12, Attorney Landon Hodges and Long-Term Care Planner Kristin Daugherty give this comprehensive presentation on the asset protection trust, which is and can be used by almost anyone that has assets to protect from the cost of long-term care and creditors after they pass away. Believe it or not, trusts aren't only for "rich" people. In fact, "normal," everyday people, not just those of certain asset levels, use trusts frequently to protect their assets. Learn all about how and the process of setting them up in this episode. 

This episode is an audio recording of a virtual seminar originally presented on June 25, 2020. This and other episodes of the Second Half of Life podcast can be accessed on the Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak website, as well as on several podcast directories. The podcast is also available on most podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastsSpotifyTuneIn + Alexa, iHeartRadioStitcherPodcast AddictGoogle PodcastsPodchaserDeezerListen NotesBullhornOvercastPocket CastsCastro and Castbox.

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