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In today's digital world, information is plentiful, comes from a variety of sources and through several media. But how do you know if the information is accurate and reliable, especially about a subject like estate planning that isn't necessarily always top of mind for most people. In the Second Half of Life Podcast episode 23, Attorney Jenna Franks and Long-Term Care Planner Kristin Daugherty draw upon their many years of experience in working with clients on their estate and long-term care planning and identify 14 myths about estate planning that they've heard the most over the years, and debunk each one with the actual truth. 

This episode is a recording of a virtual seminar originally held on August 19, 2020, and this and other episodes of the Second Half of Life podcast can be accessed on the Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak website, as well as on several podcast directories. The podcast is also available on most podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastsSpotifyTuneIn + Alexa, iHeartRadioStitcherPodcast AddictGoogle PodcastsPodchaserDeezerListen NotesBullhornOvercastPocket CastsCastro and Castbox.

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