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Attorneys and other staff members from Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak conduct a number of speaking engagements each month, including speaking at the firm's own seminars and outside events. Here's a summary of the firm's speaking engagements from the third quarter of 2020 (July - September). As with the second quarter, all of these events were virtual due to the current circumstances in our communities. If you weren't able to attend, or even if you were but would like to hear the presentation again, you're in luck, as many of our virtual seminars and events are now recorded for anyone to view or listen to later at their convenience. If you're interested in learning more about any of the topics outlined below and how it applies to your individual situation, please call the firm at 1-800-351-8334 for a free consultation. Visit the seminar page for a list of upcoming seminars.

On July 15, Attorney Julie Steinbacher, CELA*, teamed up with Kevin Jameson, the founder of the Dementia Society of America, to virtually present The Dementia Action Plan: 7 Steps to Take in the Face of Dementia. This presentation covered everything from a Dementia diagnosis and health prevention tips to government benefits available for care. Most importantly, Julie and Kevin offered action steps to take sooner rather than later if you or a loved one are at risk of Dementia. Due to copyright, we are unable to offer a recording of this entire seminar, but Julie's brief presentation on Powers of Attorney, which followed the presentation by Kevin, can be viewed


During the month of August, several virtual seminars were held on a variety of elder law topics. Estate pre-planning tips and caregiving strategies for Dementia patients were among the items discussed. Presenters included Attorneys Jenna Franks and Brittany Smith and Long-Term Care Planners, Kristin Daugherty and Tammy Zilske. Each week our team tackled a different aspect of elder law from simple estate planning documents and Dementia care to asset protection solutions and types of trusts. Those who attended gained powerful information in planning for their second half of life.

View Aug. 5 seminar Planning for the Unexpected: An Intro to Comprehensive Estate Planning (featuring Jenna and Kristin)
View Aug. 11 seminar Digging Deeper Into Dementia: 6 Tips for Caregivers and Available Care Options (featuring Brittany and Tammy)
View Aug. 19 seminar Myth or Truth? The Facts that Affect your Second Half of Life (featuring Jenna and Kristin)
View Aug. 27 seminar The Asset Protection Trust: Its Purpose, Funding & Administration (featuring Brittany and Tammy)

In September, the firm hosted several informal, online discussions which allowed people an opportunity to get their most important estate and long-term care planning questions answered. Jenna and Kristin held a Wine & Wills Virtual Happy Hour where everyone enjoyed a glass of their favorite beverage while learning about the ins and outs of last will and testaments. Later in the month, Kristin and Tammy were the featured presenters for Piecing Together the Long-Term Care Puzzle: A Roadmap to Community Resources Revealed. During this virtual workshop, attendees were encouraged to ask questions regarding care options, levels of care, Medicaid, and more.

Listen to clips from Wine & Wills Virtual Happy Hour featuring Jenna and Kristin in the Second Half of Life Podcast episodes dated Oct. 9-15 (episode #'s 33-39) on Apple Podcasts or visit our podcast page on the website. 

View a portion of Piecing Together the Long-Term Care Puzzle featuring Kristin and Tammy, or listen to a few clips from this event in the Second Half of Life Podcast episodes dated Oct. 30 - Nov. 6 (episode #'s 41-45) on Apple Podcasts or visit our podcast page on the website. 

On September 21, Jenna presented Trust Law & Retirement Plan Beneficiary Updates and Developments to colleagues at the Lycoming Law Association. During this presentation, Jenna informed attendees about new legislation regarding digital assets and how this affects estate planning documents. She also covered the use of remote notarizations from a legal aspect and beneficiary updates according to the new Secure Act. Attendees learned how these changes may affect them in their profession.

Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak is here to help you plan for your second half of life, and Attorney Julie Steinbacher presented on exactly that on September 22. Julie explained the necessity of having a plan in place in order to achieve your goals and endure the legal, financial, and health care challenges that will certainly affect your second half of life.

Julie also did two different seminars for private groups in September. She presented The Basics of Estate Planning to members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County. Members were thrilled to obtain legal advice from the comfort and safety of their own homes while also frying up eggs, bacon, and other Saturday morning brunch delights. Julie explained each estate planning document and the importance of having good, trusted decision makers in place (view replay). Julie also presented Planning for the Second Half of Life: What You Need to Know About IRAs, Trusts & Taxes to the Lycoming County Medical Society (view replay).

Jenna and Kristin collaborated with the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence of Penn State College of Nursing to present Living through a Pandemic: Planning for Your Second Half of Life. The audience for this virtual seminar consisted of students, professors, area clinicians, caregivers, and community members who all were able to relate to working through this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Attendees shared their experiences and learned how to apply their knowledge to home, work, and school lives to create a greater awareness about the importance of estate planning.

*Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation.

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